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Pultec PC-10 Mic pre's (2) Channels
Pultec PC-10 Mic pre's (2) Channels

Item location: Chatsworth Ca
Price: $7500

New/used: Used
Posted: 6/2/2010 10:51:08 AM
Contact name: Eric
Pultec PC-10 Mic Pre amps 2 channels

The rarest and most valuable of all Pultec recording studio equipment.

This is a pair (Two Channels) of Pultec PC-10 Mic pre's that at one time were owned by the Record Plant in New York.

They each have a power switch. Pad that can be set to 0 or -25 db. A master volume knob with a range from 0 to 48 Max. Knobs for bass and treble.

There is an AB switch which changes the impedance to allow greater gain for Ribbon mic's.

Power indicator light.

There is no other mic pre that sounds as good as these.

They are full range with tons of gain and very natural.

The quality of Pultec EQ's and other studio gear is legendary.

Quite simply the best sounding mic pre's in the world.

Pultec PC-10 units were original mounted face down in studio racks from the era that they were created.

The owner of the Record Plant had them rack mounted to display the knobs on the front. I believe this was done at the factory were they where built.

These are the epiphany of classic and vintage studio gear, and are most certainly a treasure.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. Please take a look at my other auctions and items for sale.

Pay by direct deposit to my Wells Fago Account, and I will ship for free in the U.S. Have a great day.

Make me your best cash price offer. Call or email me.

No Paypal will be accepted because these are super rare and valuable.

Eric Fliegel
818 645-1075

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