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8128 Neve Recording Console
8128 Neve Recording and Mixing Console

Item location: Chatsworth Ca 91311
Price: $12,500

New/used: Used
Posted: 6/2/2010 10:44:53 AM
Contact name: Eric
Neve 8128 Mixing Recording Console Mixer - 32 Channels

Here is a link to more pictures.


This is a mighty fine console.

It is aesthetically pleasing to look at... ok it's beautiful, and while there are many Neve consoles, each model with their own unique sound with all of them wonderful, this one is extremely musical with clear, rich and full tones.

The eq is four-band with adjustable hi-pass and lo-pass filters.

Six auxillary sends. Full left-hand TT patch bay.

The center section has a membrane switching for all the buss assignments and plasma meter bridge.

There is a phase meter, and a built-in oscillator.

Pretty much everything that you would expect to find in a high-end professional recording and mixing console.

On the left side, there is also a producers desk area.

This console is a genuine treasure.

Payment must be cash or US postal money order. No Paypal for this Item.

Contact me with any questions. Take a look at my other auctions and items for sale.

Thanks, and have a great day.

Eric Fliegel
818 645-1075

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