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    Doug Hamblin

    Guitarist extordinaire for Johnny RIvers, Bruce Willis, & many more.

    Genre: Rock, Blues, Steel, whaddya got?
    Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States
    Website: http://www.fatcityrecords.com/doughamblin

    Doug Hamblin grew up in Daly City, just outside of San Francisco, and by the time he was ten, music was coming at him from all sides: the Stax soul and Chess Chicago blues 45s his older cousins played, all the British Invasion bands, surf instrumental music like the Ventures, and the SF psychedelic jam bands at Winterland, and coffeehouse folk circuit all provided the basis for what he describes as his lifelong 'musical ADD- my tastes are just all over the map. My instincts are to mix up a little. I would have a hard time in a band that just played THIS kind of music, or THAT kind. To me, it's all American roots music." His local band was getting paying jobs by the time he was 12, playing the local junior high dances. "Even then, we were learning what worked onstage and what didn't."
    These instincts, and a subtle knowledge of tones and tasteful phrasing, have served Doug well. How many guitarists can say they have shared the stage with Ray Charles, AND the Ramones? From late 70s new wave (Jo Allen and The Shapes) to Blues De Luxe (Southside Johnny Lyon), his 30 plus years as an eclectic stylist in blues, rock, and Americana have led to touring, recording and collaborations with many of the greats in the music world: a partial list would have to include Albert King, Johnny Rivers, Stephen Stills, Southside Johnny Lyon, Bruce Willis, Steve Miller, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Chris Hillman, The Rolling Stones' Bernard Fowler and Blondie Chaplin, and John Prine.