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    Greg Russell

    Pro Instructor/ Performer/ Songwriter with National Credits

    Genre: Rock, Blues, Pop, Acoustic, Alternative.
    Location: San Diego, CA, United States
    Website: www.RussellRock.com

    Greg is a full time guitar instructor and performing musician in San Diego, CA.

    Greg grew up in the San Diego music scene, where he built a following and started touring constantly with a record contract (MTV video,Sirius Radio...). He is still actively performing and working on projects, and spends alot of time teaching.

    Greg's students range from 7 to 77 years old, each with different goals and styles of playing they want to improve on.

    Greg has played clubs and arenas throughout the U.S. on countless tours, and has released two international albums. He has been featured on many other releases as well. Greg considers himself a "chameleon" type player, who can drift from one genre into the next.