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    Mud Puppies

    Original songs and sound. Hint of flavors from 55 years of rock.

    Genre: Rock
    Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

    As part of the many faceted San Francisco music scene, the Mud Puppies formed in the early nineties and perform original songs with a foundation in R&B that probe the boundaries of popular music. Made up of the creative Harvey brothers, the Mud Puppies are an eclectic mix of searching, restless music with a heartbeat and soul all their own.

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    Mud Puppies - I Tried (preview)
    Mud Puppies - What Kind of a Man (preview)
    Mud Puppies - In My Room (preview)
    Mud Puppies - Strength (preview)
    Mud Puppies - The Animal (preview)
    Mud Puppies - Hurt'in (preview)
    Mud Puppies - Shakespeare (preview)
    Mud Puppies - Angry Young Man (preview)
    Mud Puppies - If I Never Get to Heaven (preview)
    Mud Puppies - Tight White Butt (preview)
    Mud Puppies - 12 - Right Back Where I Started From (preview)
    Mud Puppies - You're Stoned Man (preview)