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Free Guitar Tools

Free Guitar Tools

Free Guitar Tools

Our Expert Guitar Teachers at VideoGuitarLessons.com have come up with a list of the most important guitar tools that everyone needs.


Chord Dictionary This 63 Guitar Chord Dictionary contains the 63 basic chords that you will both SEE and HEAR!
Just pick a note, then Major, Minor or Dominant 7 and hear a REAL guitar chord (no MIDI stuff!)

Flash required.

We also have a Chord Dictionary CD-ROM with over 250 chords available for only $24.95!
No extras required to run this awesome tool. Just load the disc and go!


Metronome Use the Metronome for keeping in time and learning rhythm. Numbers along the outer rim relate to the BPM (Beats Per Minute).
Click on the circles to hear the metronome.

Shockwave required.


Fretboard Note Chart The Fretboard Note Chart is a great tool for the beginning guitarist!
Roll your mouse over the fretboard and see the all of the possible fingerings for that particular note.

Flash required.


Fretboard Tuner The Fretboard Tuner is a simple, yet helpful tuner to get you acquainted with the names of the strings…
and maybe even tune your guitar.

Flash required.


TuMeDrum TuMeDrum has the ability to tune instruments with more than 6 strings and offers some nice drum loops.
Download for both Mac & PC formats.

Flash required.
PC : Mac


Minituner Download and use the Minituner along with your computer's microphone & play a note.
This tuner will give you a readout to help you tune.

PC only.