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Marc Seal Marc Seal
Guitar > Rock > Beginner. Rock Chords for Beginners
Guitar > Rock > Beginner - Intermediate. Intro to Rock Bar Chords
Guitar > Rock > Intermediate - Advanced. Van Halens Tapping Explored
Guitar > Blues > Beginner. The Notes on the Neck Pt 1 (Blues)
Guitar > Jazz > Beginner - Intermediate. The Secret of the Relative Minor
Guitar > Guitar Effects > Beginner. Effects 101: Intro to the Distortion Effects

John Heussenstamm John Heussenstamm
Guitar > Blues > Intermediate. Famous Riffs - Clapton- Hendrix-Jimmy Page
Guitar > Jazz > Beginner. Jazz Fingering - First Improvisation
Guitar > Jazz > Intermediate - Advanced. Artists and Styles - Pat Martino
Guitar > Notation > Beginner. Reading Chords

Rick Okie Rick Okie
Guitar > Country/Acoustic > Beginner. Major Chords in Songs
Guitar > Country/Acoustic > Beginner - Intermediate. Slides
Guitar > Country/Acoustic > Intermediate. Alternating Thumb - Blackbird Pt 1
Guitar > Country/Acoustic > Intermediate - Advanced. Freight Train - Demo

Curtis Fornadley Curtis Fornadley
Guitar > Rock > Beginner. Learning to Fret Notes

Will Ray Will Ray
Guitar > Rockabilly > Intermediate - Advanced. Bendy Steel Lick Demo

Steve Trovato Steve Trovato
Guitar > Country/Acoustic > Advanced. Banjo Rolls in Country Music

Alphonso Johnson Alphonso Johnson
Bass > Rock > Intermediate - Advanced. Creating a Bass Line

Gregory Newton Gregory Newton
Guitar > Classical > Beginner - Intermediate. Basic Right Hand Positions
Guitar > Classical > Intermediate. Stroke - Details

Bill Yates Bill Yates
Slide Guitar > Country/Acoustic > Advanced. Intro to Slide Guitar

Al Baca Al Baca
Bass > Rock > Beginner. Open Strings and Bass Vibrato
Bass > Rock > Intermediate. More Bass Songwriting - Altered Tunings

Dweezil Zappa Dweezil Zappa
Guitar > Rock > Celebrity. Frank Zappa Les Paul

Jeff Baxter Jeff Baxter
Guitar > Rock > Beginner. Jeff Baxter on How to Learn Speed-Picking

Larry Carlton Larry Carlton
Guitar > Jazz > Celebrity. Larry Carltonís Tips for Young Guitarists

Steve Lukather Steve Lukather
Guitar > Fusion/Rock/Jazz > Celebrity. "Guitar From the Clouds": Steve Lukatherís personal sound explained.

Logan Mader Logan Mader
Guitar > Rock > Beginner. Logan Teaches "Davidian" - A Machinehead Classic

Greg Harrison Greg Harrison
Guitar > Shred > Beginner. Three notes per string scale in C

Al Bonhomme Al Bonhomme
Guitar > Country/Acoustic > Beginner - Intermediate. Extended major pentatonic scale ideas

Ray Parker Jr Ray Parker Jr
Guitar > Fusion/Rock/Jazz > Celebrity. Ray Parker - Advice to New Players

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